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Hey it only took four years to get an answer on this thread. Well, better late than never, they say.

Anyway, this is one of my favorite 3 of Swords cards. That's because it's the only version of the card I can think of that actually illustrates its meaning. Usually, even in illustrated decks, the 3 of S is just a big red heart pierced by three swords. Sometimes a little more art is added -- a thunderstorm, a touch of blood, a lot of red, or a sorrowful-looking person. But in the Ancient Egyptian Tarot, the actual cause of the sorrow is shown. This card looks like a still from a movie. It's a scene from a drama, and it gives us a visual example of what can lead up to the pain that this card has always symbolized.

We see a couple, and it is clear that they've had an argument. The woman appears to be in emotional pain. Her husband is looking away from her, turning his back to her. He takes no interest in her sorrow and has no desire to speak to her. He looks out the doorway (looks for a way out of the problem). A flower, a symbol of love, sits on the floor like a piece of insignificant trash.

The card adds its own take to the theme of sorrow. The woman is shown as being in a sort of mental isolation (her spouse won't talk to her). People feel sorrow most badly when they have no one who will listen to them, when there is no one they can share their painful thoughts (swords) with. So they have to hold them inside (in their hearts).
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