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three of swords

I have finally gotten another card painted. Springtime gardening has been consuming most of my weekend time of late.

It is good to have aeclectic back up and running. :-)

I am presently working on the "threes" and started with the Three of Swords because it is one of those dificult tarot cards. I chose to convey the feeling of heartbreak and betrayal with a scene of abandonment.

"The summer family has left for the winter and the kitty that they allowed to become dependent on them as a source of food and companionship has been left behind to fend for herself. Tracks in the snow indicate that she still comes to the back porch, but the bowls are empty."

For me the message of the Three of Swords is about life's hard lessons. We all face disappointments big and small along the way. We can also be responsible for causing disappointment for others intentionally or not. It is important to be able to care for ones own self. It is also important to consider others and to not make promises we can not keep or unwittingly allow another to become dependent and then abandon them.

On to the Three of Wands....
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