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thanks major tom for showing this thread

I had a question concerning the celtic cross layout and asked it. Major tom pointing this out to me and well i want to post one of my replies it is concerning the layout....

Thanks ever so much for the input. I think I shall post in the thread Major Tom pointed me to as well.
Here is something to ponder. Now this might be a point of nuerotic angst for some and this is not my intention. In any of the fields we are discussing here freedom, and the absense of hang_ups and the all important fluidity of the moment and your inner voice IS ABOVE ALL THE RIGHT WAY TO GO.
For those who have done tantric ,or yogic chakra,visualization therapy there is a level where symbols are inserted in the chakras.My thing was to reverse the symbol, from the printed word as one sees it on paper,so as to be viewed by those I would confront ,or who would stand in front of me, or as I looked down I would see them standing as part of me facing forward.This instead of just placing them as you read them. The same issue cropped up with the celtic cross. It's been a long time since I used the tarot and this site encouraged me to do so. When I reviewed my celtic cross favourite ,it brought about an issue I had with my guru, the symbols placements . As a note here he was not overly concerned to what I was doing and never taught anyone to do what I was doing.
When one makes a sign of the cross the traditional method is first the crown ,then the heart, then the right shoulder crossing the heart to the left shoulder and letting the arm drop to your side. Now, back to the celtic cross.If you were to make the cross for yourself I would say that to mimic your self on the table in front of you it would be this.
3 10
6 1_2 5 9


But then again if you are laying on the table the cards 6 and 5 would be reversed...ok ok I'm filled with neurotic angst and am throwing my own advice out the window here.LOL!!!
I just want some opinions about my idea.If it is not clear where I am going please ask and add to discussion.

This is what I had in mind when first posting the question. What you think?
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