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Zombie tarot - Five of Wands

Again, my tongue in cheek take. Further insights, serious or otherwise very much appreciated

Guys, guys, what's with the squabbling? You are old enough to know better. Is it because he stole your dummy years ago, when you were both young toddlers? You really should learn to let go of grudges. I understand you don't want to let go of the leg, but grudges? Not healthy, even for zombies. And have you not stopped to think there is a chance there is ANOTHER leg in the offering, thus allowing you one each? Oops - sorry - I forgot. Your brain synapses are not exactly firing these days. Well, if you keep fighting like this, both of you will end up losing out. The lunch and dinner for the next two days is making a getaway. So being so darned stubborn and selfish there is a chance the two of you may have to make the leg last for a while. I can just see the fight that follows - who has the last big toenail. You have already got chunks missing from you in numerous places. Is it really worth taking more chunks out of each other. You seriously need to grow up. Growing old is not on the cards now, I understand that but behave and be mature zombies for a change.
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