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Originally Posted by shadowdancer View Post
I love this lady

Who doesn't love a granny with an attitude or an edge? You can just picture her ditching all those Frank Sinatra albums and sneaking on a Black Sabbath when she thinks no-one is looking. Don't worry guys, she is likely to be post menopausal, so you don't have to worry about triggering a hair finger with an innocently inappropriate comment. Her daughter may be a different matter though. If you face her, be prepared to prove yourself. She knows all the tell tale signs of a zombie, and if you fail one of the tests she has the means to dispose of you. She may not be able to do any chasing down, but hey she shouldn't need to - in a 100m race, of granny v zombie, I think she may take it but it would be a photo finish. No, if she is having an off day, she will just lay the trap. We know it has worked before - she has kept the evidence as a sort of warning. Bead of sweat showing on your brow yet? It should be. This is one dame I want on my side should the situation turn into a bit of zombie apocolypse. Red Bull may well give us wings, but she just needs a couple of tinnies to get her juices running. Something that may not have happened to her for a long time, bless her! I mean, for years she has had to make do with The Price Is Right and Jeopardy for mental stimulation. Now she has something she can really get her teeth into, and they are a fine looking set of gnashers for sure.
This is brilliant...!!Do you think she may be drunk... she got that crazy *C'mon if you dare look about her that's for sure... no messin with that one... as for the daughter...well... I think the zombies may have gotten to her already ......
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