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Originally Posted by shadowdancer View Post
I love this lady

Who doesn't love a granny with an attitude or an edge? You can just picture her ditching all those Frank Sinatra albums and sneaking on a Black Sabbath when she thinks no-one is looking. ... No, if she is having an off day, she will just lay the trap. ....
So glad you are on a rampage to get these cards up and share your wit shadowdancer!!!

She reminds me of granny in Clint Eastwood's "Every Which Way But Loose" & the sequel movie. Powerful, motivated, wise, kooky, very funny, and a bit off with her sight, so be sure you don't get mistaken for a Zombie.

She has many plans we may not know about, in addition to that trap she has set. Definitely an asset for the team. Her brains excel where her bones and body may be a bit on the old side. She has LOTS of wisdom gathered from all her years of life so far!

PS I am a huge Ronnie James Dio fan, and I LOVE his voice during the time he was with Black Sabbath, like the Heaven & Hell album. Well, I am infactuated with his voice for all his music actually. Hmmmm, may have to crank up some of his music now that you've inspired me...
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