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Just had a moment to my computer to view the actual card slides, and wow...
They seem pretty intense. If nothing else, I feel this deck could be very deep and provocative.

I like the 0 - Starseed for the Fool. Very appropriate without getting into all of the fe/male, this is truly a universal idea. The meteor also brings to mind 8 of Wands, swiftness, though.

I - Indigo is an interesting concept. I feel as though I have heard of a group of people being called "The Indigos"... my Google-Fu did not help me. Though it did bring up a Wiki page that reminded me that the colour is linked to the Third Eye Chakra and psychism... So, I guess that makes more sense while paralleling it to the Magician card. Being portrayed as a female is a different concept than the norm, but I welcome the change. The lack of traditional Magickal Tools was a bit off-putting at first, but the note of the glowing crystal being linked to the Earth kind of brings back the whole "Earth contains all of the Elements/Tools of Nature" thought which makes it work. Without reading the little snippet on the side, I'm not sure how long it would have taken me to gather that impression, though.

II - The Higher Self is an appropriate re-naming of the High Priestess, and conveys much of the traditional imagry... It made me think, however about the HPSS' scroll of knowledge/widom. I do not believe I've heard anyone reference it to the Akashic Records... Interesting!

III - Abundance, I rather like this depiction of The Empress. Being my Personality and Soul Cards; I'm rather partial to certain depictions of it. This is very different from the norm, while still containing much symbolic meaning. I think I rather like it!

This deck looks very promising. If I can get past the obnoxious font and borders! ;]
Can't wait to see more scans/information being presented.
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