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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
From your examples for "force majeur", I am not convinced that "absolute necessity" quite conveys the French meaning in the various contexts you give. "Force that one cannot be expected to resist" seems closer.
It fits with various theological and legal concepts of necessity; for example we may say theologically or metaphorically that the only absolute necessity in relation to existence is God. Such specialist meanings however I think confusing to the layperson, and thus open to misinterpretation, and as such not the best translation. Here is a legal definition:

In general, whatever makes the contrary of a thing impossible, whatever may be the cause of such impossibilities.

Whatever is done through necessity, is done without any intention, and as the act is done without will, and is compulsory, the agent is not legally responsible. Hence the maxim, necessity has no law; indeed necessity is itself a law which cannot be avoided nor infringed...
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