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sorry for being late to the party everyone.... no excuse other than being busy at work etc.

Yeah, I can see your takes here on this card. I was only telling one of my student's on Monday about how the wishbone was used. (We were making chicken sushi).

With regards the small piece of meat, I am wondering if it is a piece left there for a reason - a sort of offering to take some edge off the fact the bone doesn't really have a lot going for it, or has someone wrapped the piece of meat around the bone.... not sure what applies and either scenario could have a different interpretation.

This is what I had typed:
You are being passed the baton now, so it is up to you whether you run with it or not. As you are yet to leave the starting blocks, your energy levels have never been higher so now is as good a time as any to really go for it. If you want any further incentive, get a wriggle on now, and you will be able to open up a sizeable distance between you and the zombies who are trailing behind in second place. Make the gap large enough and you never know - they may just lose interest and give up the chase. And if you do find you are flagging a little, the baton passer has been good enough to leave a little bit of meat, so you have some sustenance there should you need it in order to find that second wind. So much potential is open to you now. Procrastinate and you may find the opportunity is lost. Give it a go, and you may surprise yourself with what you are capable of.
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