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Originally Posted by MikeH View Post
While Etteilla does not make any correlations between Geniuses and particular cards, he does say (pp. 111-112) that it is possible to calculate what number (from 1 to 72) a person’s Genius is, and from that look up its name in Etteilla’s chart. To get the number, all you need to know are the initials of the person’s first and last name and their favorite number, chosen by
He also writes of Palingene in Le zodiaque mysterieux (p.8). On p.13 a conjured spirit says:

. . . mon nom est compose de huit lettres; mais en las premiere et la derniere de ton alphabet, si tu les sais lier, tu le trouveras parfait.

It goes on to say (p.14)

Garde-toi de mêler le sacré avec le profane. Apprends que je suis un esprit de la soixant8e- et-douzième classe, et non celui par exellence à qui tu dois de purs et divins sacrifices.

(However, the 72 names have only 5 letters (if one include the yh or al suffix), not 8.)

Perhaps the letter conversion chart is the same one as in there?

a 4
b 6
c 26
d 18
e 12
f 4
g 21
h 28
i 11
k 10
l 12
m 19
n 11
o 9
p 12
q 8
r 12
s 4
t 6
v 9
x 13
y 2
z 3

u, j and w = 0

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