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I like that you feel comfortable with the 'rose' card, and yes they do rely on your intuiton very much so.

For this card l would see the colour brown first. Does it give a feeling of gloom, comfort, grounding etc. (You see comfort).

Where is the figure sat (you see a cave) again is the cave a lonely place, a comfortable place etc.

What do you see to the right of the figure. Is it spiritual light coming in, is there a waterfall, are there crystals growing or flowers.

What does a rose mean to you personally, is the figure looking at it with a feeling of love, tenderness or a ' can you help me', do l need to help someone etc.

Is the figure cross legged meditating or is she trying to balance herself.

These are how l would look at these cards whilst meditating and see how it
all fits for me personally, its looking at every nuance in each card.

We may see the details the same, or not, but the individual summary would be quite different to anothers feelings and intuition.

Hope you can now begin to clarify the 'rose card'. All the cards are personal to each one of us, they can be very deep but thats the point of being Soul cards, they allow you to reach that inner self of knowingness.

Thats my two pennys worth !!!!!
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