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I've had the "pleasure" of knowing 2 Knights of Swords in real life, one a friend and the other a man I loved. Neither were necessarily cruel or evil, just 100% convinced that their worldview was the correct one, and of course their worldviews were based on intellect, reason, logic. The first, my friend, eventually grew and changed and I don't know that I'd call him a Knight of Swords at all anymore. I'd say he's grown into a King of Swords.

The other, ugh...the heartbreak of my life. I've never fallen so hard and acted so completely unlike myself as I did during my time with him. Without even meaning to, his opinions became my opinions and I didn't know what I thought or felt until I figured out his stance first. I realize now that it was a blessing that he dumped me (b/c I just never could fit into the box he needed me to fit into), because I think the force of his personality would've completely obliterated mine, and I was just going to let it happen.

But going back to this card...I'm not saying that what happens in that torture room is not evil, I'm just saying that I doubt the Knight sees it that way himself. In his mind, what he does is always utterly correct. He makes no mistakes. There's a self-righteousness there that blinds him to the consequences of his own actions. One of the previous posters said he probably goes home to his wife and children, and I can totally see that. It wouldn't surprise me if he sees himself as a completely virtuous man!

The Knight of Swords in general always makes me think of Javert from Les Mis. On a path that will lead to his own destruction, and perhaps he even knows it will be his undoing. But he's so convinced that he is doing the right thing, that he's damned well going to keep on going anyway.
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