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Lady G l can see how you feel about card 60 did you notice the colours? especially the purple around the child. Purple represents psychic gifts, creativity, balance. The Gold colour also represents healing, raised spirituality and power, l will leave you to ponder on that.
I personally do not see card 13 as an unhappy woman, she does have a slight smile. Is this your state of mind at the moment. Is something worrying you

As these cards are so personal to the person who selects them, again l can only give pointers as to what to notice and then see if it resonates with you.

Here goes!!

The woman stands with a tree that is changing from a sapling into a tall straight mature tree, reaching for the heavens.
The colour brown is around her, could be a cave, could be it means nature, grounding, one hand points to the ground (earth). Is this lady beginning to realise that there is more to her life than material earthly things.
Is the lady just realising that if she holds on to her inner knowledge ( i.e. the tree of life she is seen holding) she can reach and obtain whatever it is she seeks spiritually.

I see the woman as mature ready to learn and willing to pass that wisdom on.

The blues and golds in the picture represent communication, feeling, healing, power and abundance. Above those colours there is white, the spiritual realms she now aspires to.

See how this all sits with you Lady G.
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