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Hmmm lol you seem to gone down a different route to me!
I looked through the cards last night and to me it was only 0 The Summerlands and XXI- the World that had the neck collar on. If you look there are many similarities in the two cards such as the posture of the central characters which mirrors the other card, the colour of their hair, and the fact that one hand absorbs the dark energy and the other emits the white energy, so to me it was just another similarity to help the reader link the two cards together in their mind.
I thought that in VII Transformation it was part of the helmet headpiece she was wearing and not an individual collar, and I can't see anything in III The Goddess it's too dark for my poor eyes to make anything out!
I thought maybe it was to link the two cards together so that we understood the central character in both cards was the same person, maybe in different incarnations which is why in 0 they are male and in XXI female.

I had come to the conclusion that it was something similar to the neckrings that women in certain African tribes wear, which as far as I can tell so far, are worn as status symbols, indicators of wealth, beauty, maturity, as good luck talismans and to prevent tiger bites! It depends which tribe as to which attributes they associate with the neck rings. Apparently they don't actually elongate the neck, that is a myth and an illusion, they just press down on the clavicle which shifts down 45 degrees giving the appearance of an elongated neck!
There are also some tribes in Burma who also wear similar but apparently they do it to make themselves unappealing to slave traders :O
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