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Originally Posted by Eyebright View Post
In the companion book it states that the goddess can be a, "Mother, Hunter, Destroyer" (page 18). This sparked something in me, seeing the Crone aspect of the Goddess encased as it were. It made me think she had been trapped or locked away. What if she is the Destroyer goddess, the one with the power to destroy the world?
This is very interesting. You have provided a good take on the Crone! Does the book make any reference to the Crone and her armour/chair/throne?

Originally Posted by Eyebright View Post
Interestingly when I did some googling, the goddess Diana came up and on this website described as, "Fertility Goddess. Moon Goddess. Huntress Goddess. Triple Goddess- Lunar Virgin, Mother of Creatures, the Huntress or Destroyer", she ticks a lot of boxes for the descriptions in the book. As a huntress I can imagine her eyeing up that rabbit lol.
Ahh, yes! I believe to some Wiccans and Pagans Diana is often referred to as "Queen of the Witches" due to her Triplicity, and affinity with both hunting and destroyer persona.

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I also note that the appeture through which we see the Crone Goddess is egg or womb shaped.
Good eye! I did not see that and I too, find that it holds a special symbolism.

I hold a special spot in my heart for these "dark" and "destroyer" Goddesses. <3
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