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Originally Posted by Eeviee View Post

This is interesting input! I never thought to look at these women as a family (aside from the Demeter/Persephone vibe I got)... Also, one could consider it as The Goddess is all of these three aspects as one: She is Maiden, Mother, and Crone simultaneously. Or, she progresses through each aspect with the Moon as it Waxes, Matures, and Wanes...
I guess because we've always had so many generations alive on my mother's side I see generations of women anywhere I can. There always seemed to be something special about my grandmother, my mother, me, and my daughter being together at the same time. In fact, for some reason, when it's just the girls, siblings, aunts, daughters, nieces, etc there's a certain connection between us.

Originally Posted by Eeviee View Post
Yes, they *do* both appear to be young... My thoughts were: The Maiden represents innocence and purity at times, so I thought (along with other symbols) that she was the Maiden even at first glance. For me, the Mother aspect represents a fully discovered sexuality; fertility and abundance bring to mind desire and lust... In some authors opinions, The Empress card is also linked with female sexuality as well. -After all, in order to get pregnant and procreate you have to do the deed! ;]
I totally get where you are coming from. I guess when I was a teenager and before I was a mother I was the "fully discovered sexuality" you mention. When I became a mom I toned it all down - as far as my clothing goes, etc. The cards will reflect our own circumstances and associations to some degree.

That's the fun of it all, seeing all the possibilities from another's perspective
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