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Originally Posted by Red Diamond View Post
Any tips?
I'm really struggling to connect.....
I can't read the pictures well at all....
Is it just this particular deck, or do you find it hard to read the pictures in any deck that would have no text to it?

If you are not getting anything from the images as a whole, maybe try breaking the images into pieces/parts. Eg what do you see? What colours? What does the texture look like? What do you see: Movement? An open mouth? A flower

Then stop and senes what each part is saying, in relation to your question.

Eg the colour blue can mean happiness one day, that feelings we get from a beautiful sunny day with blue skies. OR blue like in sad. Or remind you of a blue dress you once had and how you felt when you wore it...Just the first thing that comes to mind in each reading ....go with it.

If the texture looks rough, it could be saying that the querent will have a rough time of things for a bit.

Movement could say that things are moving forward in the situation

An open mouth could be about communication, or just opening up to new things.

A flower, could be beauty, romance....etc whatver you feel in teh moment.

Then the story just builds from all the things you sensed there.

Hope that helps.

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