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Elemental Tarot vs. Book of Shadows "As Above" - Book of Shadows Tarot Study Group

Does anyone who has the deck (or seen many scans) see a resemblance here!?

I just stumbled upon this deck and am seeing A LOT of the Elemental Tarot in BoS As Above!?

Elemental's Hermit is pretty darn similar to As Above's The Path.
-Both have a man with his back to us, making his way down a forest path. They even both have similar dress and stance! Both have a single lit lamp to the left casting the light in the scene! Both are done in a winter's snowfall. Both even have an owl in the upper right hand corner!

Elemental - Tower = As Above - Omens
-This one's not as similar, but the focal point is still a tree of similar shape; with a ghastly cloudy background and a dark hilly foreground. Notably, both trees are being struck in the same spot, though the lightning bolt comes from opposite corners of the cards.

Elemental - 10 of Wands = As Above - 1 of Fire
-They both have a center of the Sun, with a Salamander within. Both Sun's are radiating those "sonic pulse" whisps (scientists, correct this statement!) with planets completely around the Sun!

Elemental - 1/Ace of Wands = As Above - Elemental (Page) of Fire
-Both have a salamander creeping amongst lit candles...

Elemental - Significator (79th Card) = As Above - The Elements
-Both hands holding the Wand have a Fire bracelet; Both hands holding the Pentacle have a stone bracelet; Both hands holding the Cup have a shell bracelet...

Elemental - 2 of Swords = As Above - 2 of Air
-Both have 2 faeries/sylphs fitting amonst a hanging pendulum suspended above a yes-no cross for scrying!

Both are published by Lo Scarabeo (Elemental - 1010, As Above - 2012), but neither share an artist! As Above has illustrators Gabrielli, Krysinski, Rivolli, and di Mambro; while Elemental is done by Marco Turini...

Anyone have the Elemental Tarot that can further compare images to As Above? Or does anyone know of more scans of the Elemental that I can use to compare to As Above?
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