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Why do Indigo people offend some of us?

This is interesting, Nancy Ann Tappe (1931-2012) and further developed by Jan
Tober and Lee Carroll is the official take from wiki on Indigo children's
origin... hummm does this exclude the rest of history such as Sri Krishna, a
Indigo being, who is described in another wiki site perhaps wiki is conflicting with itself as to Indigo beings, 6,00 years of history derived from the Bhagavadgita is hard to refute, ? There are people here now, incarnate with
these abilities. the mere fact you use your physic abilities to use the cards of
any deck is paramount to my position, why not use the best tool for this time a
deck created as a map for these gifted indigo people the starseed? your choice, hold to the
past if you wish; Remember Siddhartha was born of the warrior class in the
ancient Indian culture he became the Buddha enlightened by his own merit and
work, how long has it been since any of you have designed your own cards, you
depend on cards designed from an age you have little comprehension of, nothing
unusual, most humans seem empowered by others works entrenched in some sort of
tradition, by detached authority; I suppose the herieophant lives across the street from you and is your friend lol, The Sirian counsel lives across the stars for me, I have known
them since birth, many births actually, and they share the same thing we do...
life, now finally a way for all to communicate with their perspective, the
Sirian Starseed Tarot. Patrica and Alysa have my vote and approval for a
timely job well executed, addressing the expanded here and now as a personal
teaching tool and one that can be employed as a divinatory device out of the box, accessed
ordinarily only after years of pursuing esoteric knowledge, to pry open the
wavering human consciousness that seldom exhumes in the light of day albeit for
its doldrums of fear of what it cannot comprehend readily, except in narrow
repetition. These cards are definitive, mapping our acelerated time lines
in this transition of ages, buy them, find what you have searched for.
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