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Originally Posted by magpie9 View Post
I guess I stand corrected; and here I was thinking it was just another piece of freaked-out new age shit for people with rice pudding for brains. Guess that told me where it's really at. Good to know.
Mags The Indigo Children I believe we were thinking of are from this article:

Leastwise it was with me, and they are *new*, in fact as I said before they are what I would call *Old Souls*, they don't offend me in the least, I have three of them.... my oldest daughter is way older than me. I know this.

This is not to say that Krishna was not an Indigo...... there is nothing new about them, only as far as the author, Nancy Ann Tappe has discovered them as *new*.

If that makes sense..... Its kind of what came first the chicken or the road
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