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Zombie tarot - Four of Swords

Looks like on this occasion you came out on top and beat off the army all by yourself. No mean feat but this may only be a temporary reprieve. The undead seem to have so much by way of an extended family and a huge sway of friends you know more will appear. At least you can have a private laugh at the fact their christmas card list is going to be a bitch of a thing to work through. Take a time out, and wherever you lay your head will be home. Just don't get too comfortable and overstay your welcome - there is a difference between taking a break and going into permanent hibernation, especially if you have crashed at a pad other than your own. If you become part of the furniture you will be treated like part of the furniture. If that furniture is a bed, that is not too bad but if it is the toilet..... Need I say more? Oh and for sure it is a good idea to keep that gun handy and the helmet on your head. Means if a zombie does sneak up it has a lot to chew through before it gets to the gooey stuff, and with that you have a chance of reacting accordingly. That metal should sure play havoc with its fillings.
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