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Zombie tarot - Nine of Wands

. This is how the album cover for Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heartsclub might have looked if they had gone for Z list celebrities who had a few substances too many if you get my drift. If you think you are getting the sympathy vote from fellow humans, you are a sucker. I mean, where's the fight in you? For some reason, you have decided to be willing victims here and that must take the edge off the achievement for the zombies. There is nothing like a good chase and kill as opposed to be given something on a plate. Did you think there were too many to get past, and that it wasn't worth even trying? If that is the case, you and your kin deserve your fate. If you had gone down fighting I may have had sympathy and respect, but just to throw your hand in along with the towel? Sorry, but that is just so darned lame. The zombies will dispense with the towel and just fight over the hand. However, Ido like how you the guy lets the lady go first. Just goes to show chivalry is not dead after all. You soon will be though. If anyone has learned anything from this little get together it will be the zombies. Just when it looked like their days were numbered, they have realised perseverance and a group effort can win the day. No wonder they have irritating smirks on all their faces. This was a photo opportunity they were not going to pass up.
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