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Originally Posted by Tigerangel View Post
What I see from that card is someone who can find success through creativity from the pain and hardships in their life, She looks like a painter to me with wearing that big white baggy shirt and having that bag of money fall on her head has given her an idea how to use the pain to create wealth.

My normal association to the 3 of Pentacles is of team work and working to build something with strong foundations but I don't get any of that from that card at all.
Hey I didn't see the bag of money as "falling on her head" this helps. I kinda saw it as just her putting her up there and then poof, money comes rolling out, as in squandering it. Which is really not what the card is about to me at all..

Money falling on her head, that sounds more like in the right direction. I suppose, as the original card where you put your idea out to get funding, I suppose her idea did get the funds, falling on her head literally, but now she has to put the work, and she's probably thinking about how to do that. Got the money, how how do I make this actually happen...

Thanks alot
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