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This is my very non-traditional interpretation of the card in question. 3 of pents is often associated with work. In the modern world most people have an imbalanced relationship with work and time given to other areas/pursuits in their lives. This weighs heavily upon most. This is shown in the card by it being on top of her head, both in her thinking and its impact upon her physical being. The imbalance is perhaps also shown by the coins falling to the one side. Her unhappiness is evident in her body-language and expression. The work she does is to maintain the estate/house/home family pictured in the background.

Though I can see in the attachment you provided that the Page also has a symbol on her head. This may run through the deck. So to verify and confirm the above interpretation put forward it would be necessary to see the other themes and symbols and the way they've been portrayed to further confirm or deny my above words.

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