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Got the Sakki-Sakki tarot!!

MY Sakki-Sakki deck arrived yesterday - or the day before really, but I wasn't home to sign for it.
I'll copy what I wrote in my journal about it:

I LOVE it! It's very cheerful, the colours are perfect, and the art is enchanting, funny and mysterious. There are many of the usual RWS elements, so it's readable straight out of the box, but I think it has a lot of hidden depths as well; I'm really looking forward to the book, because I think this deck has a lot more symbolism then it appears at first sight.

The size and shape of it are perfect. I love those smallish, narrow cards; they're easy to shuffle, feel very friendly, and the narrowness of them adds to the 'tarot'-ness as well.
The coating is wonderful, too; very matte, which I love. Makes for great handling.
There are tiny little nubs on the cards from where they were cut, but that's not a problem; those tend to wear off by themselves, or I can take a nailfile to them.

Oh, and I love the borders, too! They almost blend in with the artwork, very unobtrusive, and the colours fit very well.

Even the LWB is one of the best of it's kind - making me even more eager for the book. The style of writing is very friendly and very clear.

M-Press, you really did a splendid job with these! I'm going to enjoy using them very much.
And as soon as I have some money available again, I'll have to get a backup deck, to keep pristine for the collection......

Although something about the organic quality of the artwork makes me think the cards will age very gracefully.
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