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Oh finally!!!! You got it!!!
I guess I have missed that thread for a couple of days, and I wondering!!!

I'm so glad you like it!!! Hedera thanks for the detailed feedback!
I'm glad that you feel with it familiar but also see more. That was just my intenton... I'm in a 4 of Swords with the book, becasue all my time and energies go now to see how I can sell the deck. These two feed eachother...

Regarding the paper, well it's the best quality card stock paper, and yes, it will age wonderfully! It has 3 layers, the middle one with carbon, so you get that stiffness and flexibility together with thinness. That was one thing I didn't want to compromise about. The only problem with this paper though, or actually with the fact that it has matte finish and not a plastic coating, is that the cards were very sensitive when they were cut, and you can notice here and there some imperfections. I had to use small scissors to perfect 2 cards from my own deck, but you can't tell which!
These the things that one can never know , if you don't DO them! No prior advise can save you from these, only your own experience. I'm a professional designer, so this field is not new too me, but honestly, I think this is one of the most complex projects to make, also becasue of the amount of the cards! My printer thinks he run the marathon with this p[roject! He's so proud of himself!!!

Pre-order Goodies will ship on the 9th! It's according to my *** theory, of spliting the joyful moments!

thank you!!!

edited to add: he..he... I'm not used to see my real name here...
i usually feel more at ease with Sakki-Sakki Artist. many people know me by that name. I guess it's one of the things you have to face when your work is released out there!
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