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Re: Question about the Artist card ..

Originally posted by ferrous
Particularly I'm wondering about where it says, "This card comprises pieces from all the Major Arcana".
Well, ferrous, first of all I just found a typo. A "to" too many. Well... inevitable I guess...

Now, you sure spotted something here. A big something.
At the beginning I did have the intention of creating The Artist as an additional archetype, becasue sure I think it's needed. I just never saw all the difficulties of the Artist in The Magician. The Magician for me is the "doing" phase, but what if an Artist doesn't??? (and we've all been there...)

Also,while adding something of my own, i wanted to respect the traditional structure. The coming book (and some discussions with my professor), is what brought the solution.

For NOW, in the deck, that Artist can be used as a significator or as an additional card, but in the coming book, i'll show the Artist part, in each of the major arcana archetypes.
Meaning, I'll discuss The Artist of The Magician, The Artist of the High Priestess, The Artist of The Empress, and so on.
This is also why this deck is for the Artist in Each of us, because since the majors tell everyman's story, they also tell Everyartist's...
There will be interpretations that focus specifically on the "making art" part of life...
I was planning to keep that as a surprise....but I couldn't resist now... ferrous doing all this homework!!!

This whole idea, sprang form the class that I designed for art & design undergraduate students. You see, one of my passions, is to combine together all my passions! So, if I want to teach a design class, why not do it my way? Why not according to the tarot?

The Class is called "Explore your creative process/Develop your personal style, according to the tarot". I haven't showed it around yet... they'll probabaly think I'm mad, so I'm trying to present it in a so-academic look, so that thay won't immediately reject it.

I'm also debating, whether to do the book, and then go on with this, or teach a few classes, revise my techniques, and then come with a killer book. Time will tell and that will take time. I'm still recovering, not sure what I really want to do next. I'm establishing my equilibrium now: too artsy for the mystics, too mystical for the arts-need to Temperance that!!!!
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