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I dont think the blue flowers are roses, in the planter, I wondered if they could be Morning Glory or convovulus.... which flower and die in a day... a few of them seem to be closed. Is it early morning or late evening?

In Victorian times Morning Glory were said to represent mortality, the death and resurrection in 3 days, this would seem to go with the Madonna image. They were often found carved onto gravestones, showing the shortness if this mortal life. this would seem to go with the Madonna image. Morning Glory also stood for love and affection.

But they could be roses!!! Hard to make out even with a magnifying glass!

The feather in the boys cap reminds me of the Fool, and innocence, but the little girl certainly looks less than innocent.

I wonder who is standing out of the frame, they seem to be looking at someone, certainly the boy does., they almost look defiant. Maybe they are visiting their Mothers grave against someone's orders....a Father and Wicked Stepmother maybe.....
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