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I just drew this card as my Daily Draw and after blogging about it, I decided to see what you had to say on the forum. Wonderful stuff!

I would like to add my thoughts.

On first seeing this card, I saw the moon lady as Cerridwen and then Brighid even. Both goddesses whom I strongly connect with and both had wolf companions. Cerridwen was also the Celtic goddess of the Moon. Brighid whose day is celebrated on February 1st (Imbolc) in the Northern hemisphere has her celebration in what is known as Faoilleach, the Celtic word for February, which literally can be translated as Wolf month.

I also see a connection with the Wolf and Werewolves and our changing nature by night and day, at night we are more free to be wild and howl at the moon, so to speak. Inhibitions can be left for the daytime, when the wolves hide away. I did blog quite a bit more. I recognised Pan in the pose of the the naked man, but was surprised to see him in a night scene as I usually associate him with the sun. But in this card about illusion and nightdream and daydream confusion, it seems right that Pan is here, the male aspect, the opposite of the feminine Moon Goddess.

Sorry its not very coherent... this happens when I look at a crad for the first time and all this stuff comes at me.
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