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Many of the modern writers stress the Old English and modern aspects of wealth. They are quick to point out the greed aspect, and that having wealth can cause strife among others in your group/tribe.

They stress that wealth must be circulated wisely…

Put this into modern context.

Money, wealth, cash, works best when it is invested. Stash the cash in the mattress, and it produces no return.

Loan it to another (buy bonds or equities) and they may build a new factory, to hire and pay new workers, to produce goods that others want. Investing produces both Karmic and physical paybacks.

Ethical behavior based on wisdom based on tradition is required (Do not allow your cattle to graze next to your water supply).

Fehu means more than cattle or gold…It is the responsibility not only to your self, but you your family unit that comes with the acquisition of wealth.
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