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I have to say (again) how amazed I am that I'm enjoying your growing deck. I'm really, really not into cats but I'm loving your deck despite myself. lol!

The artwork is absolutely top notch. When I saw you post about having a person in the card, my first thought was, "Uh oh. She draws cats well, but how well is she going to draw a person?" I see so many really bad drawings of people around ..

Let me digress for a moment on that particular topic. There's a wooden traffic noise control wall thing near where some friends of mine live, way on the other side of town to me. It's been painted to help brighten it up a bit. The pictures are mostly of children & babies. Some of the faces are almost well done, but most of them are done in that not-quite-right way that always shows when the artist isn't terribly accomplished. Some of the babies, in fact, look downright evil!

So anyway, I guess my point is that your person looks real, not evil at all, & is really well done. Congratulations on really fantastic artwork through all of your deck.
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