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What happened in the Sixties is what happens now. But there really was a dearth of books on Tarot back then. A dearth of decks, too. So the hippies of yore didn't have as many resources to work with. But still, newbies who wanted a simple "just the facts, ma'am" reading flipped to the back of PKT to read the divinatory meanings, or gave up on that and relied on the LWB and then read Eden Gray when they could. Newbies who wanted to connect the cards with other symbolic and analytical systems read the front, philosophical part of the book, and astrology and I Ching, and Jung. Lots of Jung. And anything else symbolic or occult they could find. Some of those who stuck with reading tarot stuck with their original approach. Some changed around.

So recalling what I do from fifty years ago, I think what would astound a time traveler would be the variety of books and decks available, and online resources and shopping. But I think there have always been Zen sand garden folks and High Baroque cathedral folks in the Tarot world, and expect there always will be.
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