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Oh, those darn kitties. So nosy. I happen to have one of those cats that does NOT jump up on tables, countertops, or dressers. She'll jump up on the bed for a nap...or she'll jump up onto a table or desk if I am sitting there and she wants to get in my face, but other than that, she's pretty good! My problem is the kids getting into my altar. They are drawn to it, make for it like a beeline as soon as they come over - they rearrange everything and add things to it...and though I don't mind their energies rubbing off onto all my stuff, it's a pain to have to keep rearranging everything after they go.

So, I made a new altar on the top of a tall dresser...I like it better, actually...and where they old one was, I still have some crystals and other things that they can rearrange to their hearts delight - without disturbing my other stuff! I will have to take pics of the new altar to's much more simple than what I had before, I really like it.
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