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Originally Posted by tarotbear View Post
Unfortunately, my altar went to Savers to be sold to someone who needed a cheap bureau! I just don't have the space to store it now that I am breaking up and putting my life into storage. I do still have 'Port-A-Witch', though!
Hang on to that port-a-witch, tarobear. I really want one of those.

Oh WAIT! I just remembered, I think I DO have a port-a-witch. I had been accumulating stuff to take outside and I completely forgot about it until I started rearranging all my stuff. This was the original intent when I bought this box.

There's an army compass in there, a couple athames, matches, charcoals, sage, mugwort, a lil cauldron, candles, candle holders, a stick, a chalice, some quartz crystals, sizzling papers, incense, a tarot deck, I don't know what else. I think this might qualify?
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