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So I've been meaning to edit my original post for however-many-days-it-is. Time to pin down my ODW guidelines.

1. I'm going to run until Beltane, then reassess whether I want to continue or not.

2. Until then my deck of focus is the Wild Unknown. I'm not sure how much a TdM will be part of this process, but I'll use the CBD when appropriate.

3. My other decks? I sometimes pull a card when I'm at work, but to do that I always use my Rosetta Deck app. I'll probably still do that - it's very occasional.

4. I'll daily draw with my Wild Unknown, even if I don't record it here - it's all about my time restraints!

5. I would like to journal with my deck. All right, I'll start that too. A spiritual/tarot journal. I'll start that on the weekend.

6. If I'm wibbling, I'll post here.

7. I'll post my thoughts and musings on the cards of this deck in the Wild Unknown study thread.

8. Books? I might use the Tarot Playbook every now and again, as well as Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways... because they include varied ways of getting to know the cards. They'll be good prompts if I feel I'm in a rut. Other than that, any research will go into the animals of the deck and their mythical/cultural/spiritual meanings.

Ok. Let's do this thing
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