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Stages of Analysis

I'm now ready to do a trial run on a willing subject I did get one or two volunteers but given the delay since I last posted I'll use this as post as a reminder just to ensure that I still have their permission to use their charts.

There are four stages in the process of a Hellenistic reading.

Stage 1 is the Preliminary Natal Analysis (PNA) and involves examining each planet in the chart, with special attention to the Lord of the Ascendant

Stage 2 is Universal Hermetics, which is really concerned with indicating how well or otherwise the planetary placements allow the native to navigate the sea of life - an adverse set of placements will make it difficult for the native to cope, a good set of placements should indicate the steering of a succesful course through life. The presumption here is that the native has a goal or set of goals he or she wishes to acnieve.

Stage 3 Topical Analysis. This looks at individual areas of life by examining the houses, their rulers and any relevant Lots.

Stage 4 Forecasting what future events will occur and how the native will cope with them. There is a battery of techniques for forecasting, some of which are still used today such as Transits, others of which have dropped out of Western Astrology but still occur in Jyotish (Indian Astrology) such as the Time Lords (Dashas) and ones that whilst originating in Hellenistic Astrology gained a more general use in later periods, such as Solar Returns or Primary Directions.

For this exercise I'm going to confine myself to Stages 1 & 2. Stages 3 and 4 will be the subject of later exercises.

I am using two sources for my work here. The first is Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight, whose 'Nautical Paradigm will feature in Stage 2 and also some material from Chris Brennan. At the moment I don't know which of these two will prove the most useful, so forgive me if I seem to do things in two rather different ways.

I'm also using Delphic Oracle software and this is configured for the Robert Schmidt approach but should be easily adaptable to allow for any differences in Chris Brennan's material.

Finally in this post, I should point out the obvious. Hellenistic Astrology, like much of Traditional Astrology is not primarily a psychological approach, so you're not going to get a character analysis as such but you will get a 'fitness for purpose' assessment in the sense of an indication of how well or otherwise you will do in achieving your goals (assuming that I get it right - which is by no means guaranteed). The more useful stuff for the sitter will probably come when I look at stages 3 and 4 but to do those succesfully I really need to have completed the first two stages.
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