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The Wild Unknown Tarot - VIII Cups

This card seems very one dimensional to me and for that reason I'm not liking it.. I think that every card should have a range of meanings and this card seems so dark and one sided... It's not gelling with my interpretation of the 8s - maybe it's RWS based but even so, I see more of a range in that card than in this one.. There seems to be no hope there at all.
I'm trying to be fine with quite a few of the cards seeming to be very negative with not many positives but it's requiring a distinctive shift in the way that I read.

The card is mostly darkness and the darkness seems to take the shape of mountains silhouetted against the horizon. What looks like rain is just visible (or maybe it's not rain) and in the foreground are 8 broken glasses.

To me the 8s relate to Justice; they are about achieving balance, cause and effect. They show harvest, the result of previous actions.
So this card then says to me that the results of previous actions is emotional breakdown.. There are no feelings left, none can be salvaged from this situation as the glasses or cups are broken..
To achieve the balance shown in the 8s, the querant needs to move away from this emotionally broken place and look elsewhere, maybe over those mountains so the journey will not be easy (ahh.... I'm seeing the RWS interpretation here and maybe that will have to do)...

I do like the way that once I start to look at and describe a card, the possible meanings start to show themselves...
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