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I see a change rather than happiness...with the change offering a new chance at happiness.
Sometimes it is relieving in a way to have something offers you a way out with no other option but to move on.
If you need a drink you aren't getting it from a broken cup.
(Interestingly this came up for someone who was trying to kick alcohol abuse, and wanted to go to rehad for it.)
How many of us keep something or someone because "it isn't broken so why fix it"...yet that very attitude leaves us stagnant.
This is negative in that it leaves no other option...but positive because like you said happiness could be right over that hill if we just move on.
This is another card I added color in the sky behind the mountains.
The mountains are perfect dark like that, but the gold gives you that lift, that feeling of hope.

On a more personal note...recently all 3 of my precious dogs died one by one of old age related has been a very sad 18 months for me, losing one after another, the last one in April.
I haven't felt like getting a new puppy, my mourning for their lose was to great...and it was just this November/December I started looking into buying a puppy.
When I went to the cards to see if I was ready this card came up...and I instantly knew that it ment a few things on different levels

* I was standing over shattered glass willing it to pull itself back together...wanting the old times back, and all my doggies here and things as they used to be.
That wasn't going to happen as sad as that was.

* Very old aging dogs no matter how much I loved them are a challenge and a burden of worry, vet bills, and energy....and on some level it was a releif they are all over rainbow bridge and safe until I could see them again.

*Yes, it was time to stand up look forward and go over that mountain to see if there is some new happiness and a puppy needing a home out there for me....

* But I had to search and search for months to find a reputable this taught me another thing about this card....the happiness isn't handed to you like in the 9 of is happiness you seek of you own free will and the desire for it propels you forward even when it is hard.
Like climbing a mountain.

So you can stand over the broken cups and cry, or go forward and see what other options there are out there for you.
I think I needed to do both and once I had cryed enough over the loss the healing began and once the healing begins you are ready to move forward.

I is a good card to express the stages of greiving.....many time clients come in who have lost a loved one....this card says they might be in the beginning stage of crying and denial, still wishing things were the same as before...but right on the brink of a break through...into seeing other possibilities.

I pick up my new puppy next I made it over the mountain.
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