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Layers of red and black and that freaky, fearful eye in the right of the image! Petersen uses duality throughout this suite. One eye is always clearer that the other. Again, this seems to emphasize the issue of choice to me. But it also suggests that things are not always as we perceive them. There is always duality, often ambivalence.

Red can represent fear. When I am fearful or angry my body heats up, I flush. As an adolescent my skin use to change colour (aaaghh the pain of it!). We use the term “hot” with anger. Heat is also associated with fear and resentment, and Petersen uses red and black evocatively in this image

To deal with this card you has to confront it, look at it steadily. To deal with fear, anger, resentment, you have to do the same. Confronting this image you are inexorably drawn to the other eye, and you want to open it, to see with it. Seeing the whole picture will be revealing. Seeing with two eyes may take away the distortion. Because I have one eye only I know that I have probems with depth perception. I don't fill cups right up and parking cars in narrow spaces is a challenge . Eyes as metaphors for issues of balance and perception are a consistent theme in this suit of Feathers. I am not sure where the idea of Feathers came from but it suggests the importance lightness and subtlety in dealing with these issues as well.

The place where I work is undergoing some major, major changes. We deal with grief and loss all the time in the lives of our clients and that is what staff are feeling at the moment. I organized a staff development session yesterday with our Art Therapist who showed us in the most gentle way how she uses art therapy with our clients. Art therapy is very well established in the USA but quite recent in Australia.

Sometimes professionals in human services are very reluctant to undertake activities like this because they are afraid of what they will reveal about themselves. They are afraid of losing control.

Yesterday, in the most gentle way, Helen took us to our personal creative spaces. We drew and modeled with clay for a couple of hours. We had to work individually and together. For 15 minutes we had to close our eyes and model in soft clay a portrait of ourselves.

It was the most amazing experience. 40 people who came into that room on edge, some of them consumed with fear and distrust, left relaxed and open. The power of art and discovering another space within ourselves was immense.

This is what the Tarot does for me, particularly this deck
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