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PNA reading for Ana - Part 1

PNA Reading for Ana

Ana's chart has Sagittarius rising but the Ascemdamt is near the end of the sign. One thing to keep an eye on then, through the various stages is whether Capricorn fits better with your experience of Life. There are no planets in Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter is placed in Scorpio, which is the natal twelfth place. So like Ronia you have an Ascendant ruler that is not configured to the Ascendant. Technically this is called 'Aversion' but it doesn't mean the ruler doesn't like the Ascendant, it means it's view is averted from the Ascendant.

Ana's chart is also challenging (for me) on another dimension. The Sun is in early Capricorn. This makes it difficult to call as to sect. The Sun's influence spreads 15 degrees either side of the Sun (this was the figure used by Hellenisitic Astrologers) and so dawn was breaking when Ana was born, but the Sun had not fully risen. Delphic Oracle, though classes it as a nocturnal birth with the Moon as the sect light. And I'll work on that. It will be really interesting to see if the Sun's proximity to the horizon has any significance later on, which will lead to a revision of that sect allocation.

So with the sect determined at least pro temp, I'll look at Jupiter and it's ruler.


Jupiter is not only the ruler of the Ascendant, he's the ruler of the Lot of Fortune which lies in Sagittarius, and that rulership would not change, even if the Ascendant was eventually revised. Jupiter is the out of sect benefic, so might raise additional issues. as well as the aversion to the Ascendant. Jupiter's principles are to command and stabilise, so again it will be interesting to see if and how these themes materialise in Ana's life.

Being in a cadent house (or technically a place of decline). According to Schmidt, this means that whatever Jupiter is there to signify for the native, might end up being deflected away in some way. Jupiter is however Direct and rising, ( it can be seen in the sky in the East just before sunrise). It is in none of it's dignities or the dignities of one of it's sectmates (Sun and Saturn) Indeed the only planet with dignity in the place of Jupiter is Mars, by sign, triplicity, bounds and face. Mars is a malefic but it's the malefic of sect and so should be better behaved than it would be in a diurnal chart. Jupiter's energy levels are not shown as high through its placement by sign, house and phase relationship to the Sun. This will affect it's ability to complete it's 'agenda' for Ana. Being averse to the Ascendant also means it's averse to the Lot of Fortune, which it rules. strategies to maximise 'luck' may therefore be difficult to execute. The Moon though is applying to Jupiter, so there's at least something going for it, and being is a fixed sign, whatever is achieved will last.

Jupiter is configured to the Sun and Mercury by sextile and to the Moon and Venus by square. In both cases these configurations are to the Left (in the direction of signs) from Jupiter. Jupiter is averse to Saturn and Mars and as Mars is Jupiter's ruler this is not particularly desirabilia, even a square or opposition would indicate the two are connected.


Mars is Jupiter's ruler and so is an important planet in the chart. Mars is in Sect, and placed near the MC in the eleventh House of the Good Spirit.

In terms of 'fitness' Mars scores reasonably well on all three reference points. It is in a succedent house (middling position relative to the horizon), is in the place of a sectmate (Venus) despite being in Detriment and is Direct and Rising (it rose in the East before sunrise) The first two are not very strong but are by no means bad, the third is a strong indicator. Overall Mars' fitness is average to just above average.

In terms of 'energy' Mars scores highly relative to the Horizon as it's in an angular house of a quadrant house chart. However it is not in an active phase relative to the Sun (no stations or helical risings in the week either side of Ana's birth) and it's not in an energetic sign placement as it's in a 'Foreign Trigon' - that is it's not in one of the Triplicities where Mars has rulership, such as Water or Fire. So Mars appears to be again just a little above average.

In terms of 'completion' Mars is in a succedent sign relative to the Lot of Fortune, has the Moon applying by trine and is in a Tropical or Cardinal sign. Being succedent to the Lot means that completion will be 'reflected back' at some future stage, i.e. the effects are not immediate. The application of the Moon does suggest a shorter timescale and being in a Cardinal sign suggest that things can easily be started but may not be followed through. This is something of a mixed bag The Moon's application suggesting that any effects will be long lasting, the Cardinal placing that things may start quickly but not necessarily followed through and being succedent relative to the Lot, suggests that it might be some time before the effects are felt. It will be interesting to see how Mars has affected you up to now.
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