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PNA Reading for Ana - Part 2

PNA Reading forAna - 2

The remaining planets are:


The Moon is the sect Light. She is placed in Aquarius in the third House, so she is configured to the Ascendant. She is also conjunct Venus is just outside the range for 'Adhering' (3 degrees) but this is still a close relationship. She is also square Jupiter and trines both Saturn and Mars. The trine to Mars is within the 3 degree range but the configuration to Saturn may cause some issues as it is the dominant planet in terms of zodiacal placement (to the right of the Moon) and is the out of sect malefic.

In terms of 'fitness' she is in a cadent house (the third) but is rising and in the place of a sectmate (Mercury is a nocturnal planet in this chart). Overall this is around average. In terms of energy she is not goaded or angular and she's in a Foreign Trigon (Air) so the energy level is average or below. In terms of Completion, she's in a cadent house relative to the Lot of Fortune (Low completion) and she's in a fixed sign (will see things through) so again about average.


Venus is also in the third House (Place) conjunct the Moon (as noted above) She therefore shares the same configurations to the Ascendant, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.

In terms of Fitness her situation is the same asthat of the Moon. The only differences relate in Energy and Completeness are her phase relative to the Sun, she is Direct and rising but there was a change of phase relative to the Sun, Venus stationed Retrograde two days later and so is classed as energetic here. The difference in terms of Completion is that the Moon is applying to Venus. So she is a little bit more energetic than the Moon and a bit more inclined to complete.


In this chart Mercury is treated as a nocturnal planet. Mercury is placed in Capricorn in the second House. Mercury is therefore averse to the Ascendant. Mercury is configured to Jupiter by sextile and to Saturn and Mars by square. None of these configurations is within 3 degrees, so all three planets are stronger than Mars in terms of the configurations.

In terms of fitness, Mercury is in a succedent House, is Direct and Rising and in the place of a Sectmate (Capricorn is the exaltation of Mars). So just above average. In terms of Energy, Mercury is 'goaded' or 'enthusiastic' as in a quadrant house chart he's in the first, though across the sign boundary, but there's no high energy relative to the Lights and he's in a Foreign Trigon - Mercury is not one of the Triplicity Lords for Earth. So Energy levels seem to be below average. In terms of Completeness, he's in a succedent house relative to Fortune, but is separated from the Moon and is in a Cardinal Sign (good at initiating but no staying power). Here Mercury looks to be below average.


The Sun is the out of sect Light. Like Mercury, the Sun is in the second House and so has the same configurations as Mercury. The main difference being that the Sun is within three degrees of Jupiter and Mars, and so is more able to resist Mars. Most of Mercury's characteristics hold for the Sun, with the obvious exception of a phase relationship with the Sun. Being out of sect he's qualitatively 'weaker'


Saturn is the out of sect malefic in this chart. Saturn is placed along with Mars in the eleventh House. Saturn's configurations have been dealt with above when considering the other planets but perhaps the key thing to emphasise is that he is configured to the Ascendant.

In terms of fitness Saturn is in a succeedent sign, is Direct and Rising and is in one of his own places (exalted in Libra), so above average fitness. In terms of energy Saturn is again angular in a quadrant house chart, and whilst having no phase relationship changes with the Sun is in his own Trigon (Saturn is a Triplicity Lord for the Air triplicity). So again above average in energy. On completeness, Saturn is succeedent to the Lot of Fortune but separated from the Moon and in a Cardinal sign. There's little here to suggest staying power. So Saturn may well be active and energetic but there are not likely to be lasting effects from him.
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