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Hi, Ronia. Yes I know your Jupiter is retrograde but if I have got this correct, Schmidt is classifying indicators of fitness, energy and completion in relation to the Horizon (the houses or places) the zodiac (the signs) or the Lights (Sun and Moon) on a one by one basis. So whilst Jupiter's retrograde motion is indeed something of a debility when it comes to it's energy relative to the Lights (to the Sun specifically), when it comes to the section on completion relative to the the horizon, it scores highly because it is angular to the Lot of Fortune'

Incidentally, whilst it is an indicator of completeness relative to the Horizon, it's not necessarily an indicator that you will like what is completed! Being opposed to the Lot and retrograde, it's delivery might not always be associated with good luck, despite it being a benefic.

We should therefore end up with a 3x3 grid to draw some conclusions from and attempt to synthesise how well the planet is doing overall. This certainly has made me rethink quite a bit about the assessment of a planet and your Saturn comes out much better than it's eighth house position would indicate. It might still have problems but not as much as a one dimensional examination would indicate.

I have to stress that this is Schmidt's take on it as interpreted by Curtis Manwaring the developer of Delphic Oracle, but it does not seem to be challenged as being incorrect. In practice individual writers mention some or many of these factors but not in the form of a systematic analysis of a chart.
I admit I'm lost here. I'll just go back and read it all from the beginning because I got confused with all the names and different approaches. Looks like a complicated job this one.
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