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This has been SO interesting, Minderwiz! I've always been curious about Hellenistic astrology, mostly because I always enjoy Chris Brennan's writings and podcasts, but I know very little about it. I didn't realize it was quite so different than the Arabic/Medieval or Lillian astrology that I mostly associate with the "traditional" camp.

The keywords for the planets, as well as the emphasis on sect and the Lot of Fortune are particularly unfamiliar. I'm finding this thread fascinating, and am really looking forward to seeing how valuable you find the techniques to be for prediction. I'm also curious to read more about Ronia's chart because I always find the idea of having a malefic planet as a chart ruler to be an odd idea, and I'm not sure what the best case scenario is supposed to be (Mars rules my ascendant, and it's rather "strong" as it's in its own sign in the first.)

So if I'm getting the gist of all of this so far, I'm assuming that the "agenda" of the various planets will be determined by the houses they rule, then their own planetary keyword flair will be applied to how they handle those affairs, and their ability to handle them effectively is what all of this "fitness" and "completion" etc. is showing?

How are you finding the Delphic Oracle software? I tried to install a trial of the low-end software that they have a while back (Timaeus or something similar?) using Virtual Windows on my Mac, but kept getting an error about missing files.

Lastly, if you need or want another "sitter" for your practice, I'd be happy to offer up my birth info. It's all listed here in the Birth Data thread.
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