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Bonification and Maltreatment

The last thing that is done in the PNA approach is to check for factors which either indicate a planet will be a more positive indicator than we might expect either in terms of its natural signification or in terms of the areas of life it is connected with. Alternatively a less positive, or debilitated and inhibited in their expression might be indicated. These are termed Bonification and Maltreatment respectively

Modern Astrology will do this by looking at aspects such as trines and sextiles for a more positive outcome or squares and oppositions for a less positive outcome, coupled with the nature of the aspecting planets and the house placement of the planet under consideration. Hellenistic Astrology shares this approach but has additional considerations.

So for Bonafication we would consider

Whether the planet is aspected by Venus or Jupiter by sextile or trine (originally this might have been restricted to Venus by sextile and Jupiter by Trine, as these are the natural aspects associated with them.

For Maltreatment we would consider

Whether the planet is aspected by Mars or Saturn by square or opposition (again originally it was probably Mars by square and Saturn by opposition).

In both cases we would also consider whether the aspect or configuration comes from the right side or the left side, as planets earlier in the zodiac have a superior position. So Mars in Leo squaring Mercury in Scorpio is a stronger maltreatment than reversing the sign positions of these two planets.

In both cases we would consider the Sect of the chart. Bonification for Jupiter in a day chart or Venus in a night chart is stronger than from Venus in a day chart and from Jupiter in a night chart. Bonification by the benefic is sect is stronger. Maltreatment by the malefic out of sect is worse.

Porphyry has a more advance scheme for Maltreatment.

A ray hurled by a Malefic with a less than 3 degree orb (this is an aspect from the Left, e.g. from Mars in Scorpio at 12 degrees to Mercury in Leo at 15 degrees.

Being enclosed by two malefics, e.g. Mars at 10 degrees Leo, Mercury at 15 degrees and Saturn at 20 degrees with no other planet involved. Enclosure or containment is still used. One key issue is whether it can cross sign boundaries and the answer to that seems to be yes.

Applying to a conjunction with a malefic

Applying to an opposition with a malefic

Being overcome by a malefic (the condition mentioned earlier of a square from the right)

Being ruled by a malefic that is itself badly placed in the chart and not in good condition. The bad places are the sixth, eighth and twelfth and in some texts the second (because it is averse to the Ascendant). Poor condition might include such things as being retrograde, under the beams, or without essential dignity.

It's easy to derive conditions for bonification from this by substituting benefic for malefic, sextile and trine for square and opposition and have the benefic in a good place (anywhere but the 4 places mentioned above) and in good condition, e.g. Direct, fast, in their own dignity.

Up to now we haven't really met those conditions so it's worth mentioning them at this stage.

Incidentally, enclosure can mean something that would not be recognised by a Modern Astrologer, It can be via aspect. Thus Mercury in Leo 15 degrees could be enclosed by Mars in Taurus at 5 degrees and Saturn in Scorpio at 12 degrees The two malefics cast hard aspects in front and behind Mercury The enclosure would be broken if say Jupiter was at 6 degrees Aries, because he would cast his aspect between Mercury and the square from Mars. It's worth checking for enclosure and that's something I'll be using when it comes up in the future.
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