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The Joys

These are essentially sect related

The Sun joys in the ninth house (the House of God)

Jupiter joys in the eleventh house (the House of the Good Spirit)

Saturn joys in the twelfth house (the House of the Bad Spirit)

All three are diurnal planets and all three joy in houses above the horizon.

The Moon joys in the third house (The House of the Goddess)

Venus joys in the fifth house (The House of Good Fortune)

Mars joys in the sixth house (the House of Bad Fortune)

All three planets are nocturnal and all three joy below the horizon.

Mercury joys in the first house (The Helm) which is where Heaven and Earth meet and Mercury can either be nocturnal or diurnal.

So we could see being in its joy a form of bonification and indeed being in the sect of the time (for example Jupiter in a day chart or Mars in a night chart) would be a form of bonification, though a qualitative one rather than a quantitative one.

Very weak joy could come from a diurnal planet being in a day chart and above the horizon and/or being in a diurnal sign (Fire or Air). For a nocturnal chart noctural planets joy above the horizon and/or in nocturnal signs (Earth or Water). These last two conditions became much stronger in Arab and Medieval Astrology. For Hellenisitc Astrology treat them as small positives or small negatives if planets are wrongly placed. It's not a big deal by any means and if you simply keep to classifying a planet as being either in or out of sect for the chart, that's enough.
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