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Originally Posted by Minderwiz View Post
I hope my second attempt makes more sense. I'm trying to translate into common terms what is expressed in uncommon terminology and one that I'm only slowly getting to grips with.
I understand your explanations, I just got too much info at once and I got lost in trying to see it in my chart. I'll try and make a table for myself or something, with all requirements and assessments regarding one planet in a separate column because now I go back and forth and I lost any idea which planet is at good condition and which is not. I'm also not very sure I see these assessments as playing out as events in life but may be this will change at later stages. I can see how Saturn performs strongly but he's not performing beneficially all the time, it depends on the house he's transiting through, as I wrote. Same with Jupiter, he's not weak, he does bring events and there have been both positive and negative (when he turns retro by transit). So, the movement seems to be important, the direction. I'm not sure how this is reflected in all these assessments. Then I know Mars is the Almuten of my chart but I rarely feel his transits and I'm trying now, using these techniques, to find out why (more so he's the ruler of the Sun). Same with the Moon or Mercury.

I was also wondering about the aspects. For example, are Mars and Moon considered conjunct despite the fact that one is in the beginning, the other - at the end of a sign? And one is below, the other above the horyzon? How about Moon-Sun, she is in sign trine to the Sun but applies for a degree square, yet the square will be perfected in another sign which coincidentally is the Sun's sign while the Moon is applying form her own sign? Did the ancients considered the trine by sign or the sqaure by degree though in another sign?

P.S. By the way, the idea of a planet being a "malefic" or "benefic" per se is a bit foreign to me. For example, I do like Saturn as an Ascendant ruler because he brings not only physical but also emotional and psychological strength and persistence which may fix some weakness in the chart, IMHO. And may be because I have such ideas, I find it more difficult to relate to the new info now, as the ancient astrologers were more "black and white" in their vision, or at least I see them as such. At the same time Venus may bring unrequited love to someone constantly, is she a benefic in this case? I looked at a chart of a friend of mine some time ago and such a beautiful Libra Venus, Ascendant ruler on top of that, nicely aspected, has been doing precisely this. Not very beneficial for the querent.
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