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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
OK, I stumbled here. Which house system puts Jupiter in the 3rd but Saturn in the 8th? Because I get Jupiter in the 3rd and Saturn in the 7th (Placidus) or Jupiter in the 4th and Saturn in the 8th (if I cast the natal as whole sign)... I get one of them angular all the time. Also, I noted that in whole sign Saturn is very close to the 8th cusp... Which took me back to where you counted houses from my Lot of Fortune, I counted 10 houses from the Lot to saturn if I consider him 8th house... Did you consider him 7th house or am I counting wrongly?
Thanks Ronia, you keep me on my toes Looking back over the posts I correctly identified that Saturn was 'goaded' or 'energetic' in the first few posts but when I tried to detail Schmidt's system, and used Saturn and Jupiter as an example, I inadvertently refereed to Saturn as not being 'goaded' and placed in in the eighth. That was a mistake and thank you for raising it. You are quite right Saturn is in the seventh in a quadrant system and I should have noticed that and corrected the error, when I was checking Jupiter (which is not goaded and in the third by Porphyry).

So to be clear, Saturn shows up as 'goaded' or energetic (as I originally said) and that's because it's in the seventh house of a quadrant house system (which is not what I said due to a brainstorm ).
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