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Ronia's Ship

Ronia's Ship

I'll start by stating the obvious, Ronia is alive and well and has not reached the half way point in her life. So she's only able to comment on whether the 'ship' explains her life up to now (in terms of direction). The same is true for Ana, Spiraling and Kaliope. In Stage 4 I'll be trying my hand at forecasting, at least in part so will the forecasts fit in with the ship's course.

The Helmsman/First Officer

There are no planets in the first House so no direct helmsman. It falls to the Ruler of the Ascendant to fulfill this role. The Ascendant is in Capricorn, so that makes Saturn the First Officer, and Saturn is in the eighth. That's a succedent house so has reasonable fitness for the role but is averse to the Ascendant (no major configuration). Indeed in many ways Saturn is in reasonable condition but not really for steering. That suggests that fortune is going to play a significant role in her life

The Second Officer

The Lot of Fortune is in her tenth House (Libra) and therefore it's ruler is Venus. Both the Lot (square) and Venus (Trine) are configured to the Ascendant, so both are in a reasonable position to influence the taking of opportunities or the avoidance of perils. That being said, Venus is averse to the Lot (in a twelfth house relationship to it). So spotting those opportunities or avoiding the perils may be something of a last minute exercise. Venus competence could be taken from the PNA, she's not particularly high in fitness, or energy and she's low in completeness. In terms of maltreatment, she's the out of sect benefic, so a little unreliable, the only maltreatment indicator is that she's overcome by a malefic in a bad place (left handed sextile from Saturn in the eighth). But Saturn is not only the in-sect malefic, he's also the Ascendant ruler and the aspect is by sextile (the Venus aspect) so rather than seeing this as bad, I think Saturn is trying to inject some discipline into Venus to pull her finger out, so to speak.

The MD and his Assistant

the 'his' here is a referral to the gender of the planet in this role, the domicile ruler of the Sun - Mars. Indeed as Mercury is also the Bounds Lord of the Sun, he has a combined role as Co-operating Officer. Mars sets the destination for Ronia's life and has oversight of her Destiny. Mars scores high in fitness but below average in energy and and completeness. Mars may not be easily noticed, as an important player. On fitness the best scorers are Mars and Moon, which would suggest Moon as the Captain - what do you think of a Mars/Moon partnership with Saturn attempting the steering?
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