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Originally Posted by Ronia View Post
Yeah, still moving. LOL

.....So, we're using whole signs here.
Yes...this post and my last one crossed, Whole sign houses for everything but the length of life calculation. And that's not something I intend to cover.

Originally Posted by Rpnia
Saturn gives the scepter to fortune, right? And what's the role of the Asc ruler then?
I think that the analysis suggests that you need fortune to get through life without too many problems. Saturn is still trying to steer the ship but he's having to do it from a difficult position where he can't see clearly. He's doing his best but he needs some help to spot the opportunities or avoid the perils, and that's where Venus should assist.

Originally Posted by Ronia

I'm not sure about this... If I look back at my childhood and all the accidents I had and nearly died a few times, it could be true... although I was at the hospital and treated, it's not like I've either avoided them or missed the treatment... Don't know what to say about the last minute part. On the other hand, I can't see it like this now as an adult. Overall, I do plan my steps ahead, I sometimes have strategies for the next few years, I wait and when the moment comes, I know it and just jump. I'm not just floating around waiting for something to fall on my head. LOL
Well as a child you don't think of the future consequences of your actions as a regular part of your decisions' The hospital treatment is in a sense beside the point as the accident has already happened, fortune has struck

On your adult experience, I think we learn from our experiences, and your strategies are very much designed to minimizs the need to depend on Fortune. I'm not sure Hellenistic Astrology allows for that adaption process, it seems to assume that you won't adapt your behaviour in the light of past experiences. Mind you I know some people who don't adapt.

Originally Posted by Ronia
I don't understand this. She's not in a good condition, this I get. Undisciplined... Why? Do we take Venus here as a general ruler of the wealth, good life and love (as traditionally seen) or do we consider her house rulership? If it's the former, then I think she does a good job overall, especially considering I have not had any stable financial background. I'm managing somehow, even in times like the past few years which is a compliment for Venus actually. On the other hand, as it all comes to other people's money and resources, if I take Saturn in the 8th, amy be hes' the provider.
No we're just considering Venus as ruler of the Lot of Fortune' the planet that should help you devise strategies to maximise opportunity and avoid peril. She's not well placed for that role. Oddly Saturn does sextile the Lot of Fortune, and Saturn is very much the planet of ldiscipline, ong term planning, analysing and patience...all the qualities that you have cited. There's no link between Venus and Saturn by configuration which would be a good indicator of those qualities coming into play in the opportunities and perils anticipation. However some way or other that sextile with the Lot, seems to inject those qualities into your life.

Originally Posted by Ronia
Don't get this either. Too many officers on this ship. LOL
Mars is a masculine planet which is why I used the masculine pronoun but I also typed Mercury when I meant Mars as the Bound Lord, I admit that' was confusing So again for the record Mars is Domicile Lord of the Sun and therefore the Oikodespotes (Managing Director) and Mars is also the Bound Lord of the Sun. As to to many officers, yes I agree ....especially with a crew of 7 LOL

Originally Posted by Ronia
And too many captains. I can't really say anything here, I'm lost again. Moon and Mars? I already wrote that Mars is one of the planets in my chart I hardly feel. Only the Asc transits play out really, minor cuts and such things... He did play a role, I believe, in the birth of my son but Jupiter was on the Ascendant. I've noticed Mars needs support to perform. Another planet, preferably heavier, aspecting the same natal as he is or a point of the chart which is sensitive and rtelated to the issue at hand (as it was with the birth). If you're talking about those longer periods and Time Lords, than may be he's a player.
The Hellenistic view is that life is a struggle between fortune, what befalls you and your attempts to influence the world around you - Spirit. You've had two significant Mars periods in your life to date

In terms of your own attempts to influence the world around you (Spirit), you had a Mars period from birth through to August 1990.

In terms of things that befall you or health issues (fortune) you had a Mars period from September 1983 through to June 1998. There's an overlap of about 6 years there. What were the flavour those six years.?

For the last 8 years of your Mars (fortune) period, you were in a Venus (spirit) period. Was that 8 years better than the preceding six years?

From 1998 to 2008 you had a Jupiter period in terms of fortune, or what befell you. That

From 2018 (5 years away) you will ente a 25 year Lunar period in terms of Spirit.

Hellenistic Astrology does the 'heavy' but through recurring time periods. Each of the periods I mentioned above will have sub periods where there may be shifts of emphasis, and periods where Mars is actually to the fore, or for that matter Venus or Jupiter - they might not always show up as transits but they set the tone. Or so those Astrologers believed.

Originally Posted by Ronnia
Moon+Mars just doesn't make sense to me right now, I don't understand how the Moon ended as a captain too. What happened to the Sun meanwhile? I'm confused, sorry. I don't get why Saturn will do the steering but Moon and Mars will be captains. By the way, if Saturn does guide the ship, what do the captains do then? Looks to me like we can basically take any planet from the chart if the assessment of the previous doesn't suit us. Like Lot of Fortune, then Venus, then Mercury came into play (why?), then Sun, then Mars, then Moon... I'm lost.
I must admit I rushed that part, taking the list from Delphic Oracle, The crux of the matter is that the 'ruler of the chart' doesn't have to be the 'ruler of the Ascendant' and indeed right the way through the traditional period there were attempts to identify the 'Almuten of the Chart' or the ' Lord of the Geniture' - the planet that will be the most powerful or influential. The ruler of the Ascendant is not debarred from being the strongest planet but it's by no means guaranteed.

Now I put a question mark after the Mars/Moon pairing because I wanted your view on that pairing. Mars/Saturn might have been a possible pairing too. especially as you are now in a Saturn 'fortune' period through to 2027. Choosing the strongest planet is not a simple matter of calculation, or at least a universally accepted method. It's easy to identify the Ascendant ruler, it's not so easy to identify the strongest panet because you have to answer the question 'strongest in what respect?' and why have certain reference points been chose or prioritiesed and others downpalyed or ignored. It's something that will always cause debate and disagreement.
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