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Ana's Ship

Ana's Ascendant is Sagittarius. There are no planets in the first, so Jupiter becomes both Helmsman and First Office. Jupiter is in the twelfth House, so he is unconfigured to the Ascendant. In such circumstances the Ruler of Fortune becomes particularly important.

The Lot of Fortune is in the Ascendant, so Jupiter is both Ascendant ruler and ruler of Fortune. Like Ronia's chart, this seems to suggest that opportunities or threats will not easily be spotted and threfore taken advantage of. I think we will need to consider other planets as helpers, though steering remains the prerogative of Jupiter.

Ana's Destiny (destination) is set by the Sect Light. Now Ana's Sun is just below the horizon and in the previous post I took the chart to be nocturnal. However on reflection the Sun is closer to rising than the Moon (Sun in second house, Moon in third. The first rays of the Sun are already visible in the sky. So because of the difficulties of Jupiter's placement, the choice fSun or Moon might make a difference. This is one of the situations where it's not obvious what the sect of the chart is so I will try both, just to see if there is a significant difference. Firstly I'll try the Sun, which is in Capricorn. The gain here is that in a diurnal chart, Jupiter becomes the Benefic of Sect and Jupiter is responsible for both steering and taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding threats. As a day chart makes him stronger that might be a good thing.

If I go for the Sun the Saturn becomes the 'Managing Director' (Oikodepotes) as the Sun is in Capricorn. The Co-operating Officer helping Saturn oversee Ana's destiny is Mars as the Bound Lord of the Sun. This doesn't seem a very good combination. That being said, both of them are configured to the Ascendant by sextile.

Does the 'ship' have favourable winds? The Sun is in an Earth sign by Day (an arbitrary choice). The three Trigon Lords are 'Venus, Moon and Mars (in that order). Venus is in the third house, which is cadent. The Moon is also in the third and Mars is in the eleventh which is succedent. This combination seems to suggest that things will not go well for the first two periods of Ana's life but will improve significantly in the last period.

Looking at the Moon next, it's in Aquarius (both Lights are in signs contrary to sect). The Domicile Lord of the Moon is Saturn, so Saturn gets the role of MD under both Lights. The Bound Lord of the Moon is Mercury. We have lost Mars as a main player but in shifting to a night chart Saturn becomes the out of sect Malefic.

The Trigon Lords for a nocturnal chart will be Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter (in that order). Mercury is in the second, so it's in a succedent house and therefore pormises a moderate to good first period. Saturn is also in a succedent house, so the 'wind' will remain moderate to good in the second part. Jupiter is in a cadent house, so things will not be so good in the final years.

The key differences seem to be. With the Moon, destiny is set by the out of sect malefic (not desireable) but the first two periods of life are good. With the Sun, Destiny is set by the in-sect Malefic (Saturn in both cases) but he's aided by the out of sect malefic, Mars. Life is harder in the first two periods but improves in the last period.

That doesn't seem a great choice. There seems to be a possible modification, though. Because it's difficult to choose the sect of the chart with the Sun beginning to rise. The Ascendant itself could be used as a 'neutral' choice. This seems only to work for the choice of MD and Co-operating Officer - in this case Jupiter becomes the MD and Mars the Co-operating Officer.

To me it's just not clear which the answer should be. I would think it's one that either experience (of which I have little with Hellenistic practise) or a look at Ana's life till now, will possibly throw some light.

What does seem certain (in terms of Hellenistic Astrology) is that Jupiter rules the Ascendant and Fortune and is both cadent from the Ascendant and unconfigured to it. If we go for the Ascendant in choosing who is the MD, then Jupiter gets that role to. Jupiter decides Ana's Destiny but is supported by Mars. The positive of this team is that Mars is Jupiter's ruler, though not configured to him and Mars is in one of the better places in the chart.

I hope that when we get to the next two stages, some feedback from Ana will help to pin this down.
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